🐓 Team Of The Decade 2010-2019 🐓

There were a lot to choose from when you have 10 years of players to look at. The selection group in charge spent the time looking through old photos to spark their memories. They did a fantastic job but a lot of players that were deserving just missed out.

Congratulations to the team of the decade and thank you to everyone else who trained hard and played tough for this great club 🐓. 

Head Coach: Brett Burke
Assistant Coach: Jason Parremore
Trainer: Jim Hobden

1 Phill Barry
2 Sam Featherstone
3 Leon Thompson
4 Marc Whitfield
5 Richard Miller
6 Josh Banks
7 Brendan Elliott (VC)
8 Jonathan Elliott (C)
9 Bo Horton
10 Jake Hyland
11 Jonathan McCarthy
12 Robert Casboult
13 Judd Sheratt
14 Coel Ikin
15 Richard Macnair

Subs (based on rough playing positions)
16 Bobby Freer
17 Leon Holt
18 Charl Momsen
19 Barry Wheeler
20 Conrad Mitchell
21 Cyron Prouse
22 Chris Munns
23 Jayson Turnbridge

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