Team culture is the unwritten rules of our team. It’s the shared values, beliefs, expectations and practices between teammates. It’s the way we interact together on and off the field. It’s the side’s identity. It’s “how we do things around here”. And to find a perfect example of the effect culture can have on a side, you need to look no further than Easts!

When you join the Roosters, you become part of a family. We have “Roosters Family Meals” at the club house after training on Thursday nights.

Our Seniors (Men and Women) and Junior teams have a rich history competing in the Tasmanian Rugby Union competitions. 


The Eastern Suburbs Roosters ended 18 months in the wilderness to return to competition in March 2019 and are now one game away from taking out the premiership.

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Rugby is a women’s sport, too, and a very entertaining one at that. It is an Olympic sport after all, so it has to be legit, right? So for any woman who wants to find a sport to play, rugby is definitely an option.

You don’t need to have played before and all ages and fitness levels are welcome.

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Ease your son or daughter into a contact sport at Easts where we take our time to teach them how to tackle (and be tackled), and how to do it safely. Teach your daughter a contact sport that is the same as the boys’ game. Teach them a game that will find them friends anywhere in the world. Teach them a game that won’t fire things at their heads, or make them hit things with their heads. Teach them a game where everyone gets a touch of the ball. And teach them a game that still thinks humility is a good thing.

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The Feather Dusters

Our Golden Oldies side “The Feather Dusters” play against the Convicts once a year with old boy rules.




The old boys have a catch up once a year and from this group we have created the Royal Rooster Club open to retired Roosters to bring them back to the Club.

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