Match Report – Women’s (11 May)

11th May 2019


Our Lady Roosters returned to North Warrane for their first home games of the Season, as well as linking up with the Men’s team for the first time. It promised to be a gala day at Rooster Headquarters.

The Women’s competition in general has struggled for numbers this season, and all teams have generously supported each other with players to top up opposition teams. And so it was on Saturday. The five Easts girls, Birthday Girl Robyn Howard, Caitlin Scott, Katie Wright, Laura Elliott, Vanessa Wells and Brianna van Galen fronted for their three games of sevens. The girls have benefitted by some coaching by men’s player Andrew Fossati.

The first game was against Quins, and the team was bolstered by one Uni and one Taroona girl. Our side started brightly and a promised try for the Birthday Girl happened right on cue, and the Roosters carried a 7-0 lead into half time. Unfortunately, fitness began to fail them, and a series of turned over balls and run-away tries saw the final score at 7 – 29.

The second game, against Taroona saw the team supported by two Quins girls with fresh legs. This time, the Roosters held a 12 – 5 lead at half time. Katie, Jugz, Vanessa and Brianna controlled the middle with some fine tackling and carries when the ball came near. Chicken Laura was running interference where possible with her bad wrist. And Robyn and the re-inforcements were running the wings. The second half was a repeat of the first, with each team scoring another try, the Roosters ran out 19 -10 winners.

Game three, this time against Uni, and some more fresh legs from Quins. The young, slick Uni girls bolted away with a runaway try. Our girls bounced back with Katie and Vanessa making ground up the centre and putting one of the Quins girls away. From there, the Easts girls were pretty much out of gas and the Uni girls put on five un-answered tries to run out 36 – 7 winners.

Written by Les Marshall.

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