Match Report 30/4/22

Every new rugby season brings the usual challenge of recruiting new players to a sport that not a lot of women have ever thought about playing. 2022 has been no exception for Eastern Suburbs’ 7s team but things were looking up until Game Day R1 when we suddenly found ourselves short. Veteran Roosters Kristi ‘Leitchy Leitch and Katie ‘Çoach KT’ Wright were determined to lead by example and demonstrated True Rooster Spirit to the fledgeling newcomers, fearlessly taking the field against Launceston and Devonport teams. With no option to sub off for a breather they held their own and demonstrated some good passing play. The two newest recruits Chani Kells and Aeriel Kiker showed no fear getting in some good tackles and rucks. Second seasoner Sarah Double demonstrated how much she learned last year and came out firing on all cylinders before an ankle injury forced her to leave the field devastatingly early. Chani also had to eventually have a rest with a calf injury. Ally McCarthy made a great burst forward, brushing aside the opposition to score the first try for the season with Leitchy coming very close to scoring one also. In true Tasmanian rugby spirit all teams supported each other when necessary to ensure games could be played, Ally even filled in for some other teams despite a corked thigh! For our final game our reserve forces Winona ‘Chicken’ Harvey and daughter Raya had donned jerseys and were champing at the bit but sadly the opposition withdrew due to too many of their own injuries. All in all it was a promising start to the season and with boosted numbers we are looking forward to Round 2 in Launceston!