2019 Awards Night

The Award Dinner was a wonderfull success. Thanks to Faz for MC-ing and everyone involved in organising the evening. 

Awards 🏆 went to:

Life Member – Wendy Farrington

Clubman of the year – Les Marshall

Best and Fairest – Robbie Casboult

R/up Best and Fairest – Jon Elliott

King Rooster – Marc Whitfield

Captains Cup – Jake Hyland

Outstanding contribution – KT Wright

Women’s most consistent – Robyn Howard

Courage and determination – Kyle Fishpool

Coaches choice – Jacob Donnelly

Unsung Hero – Josh Banks

Highest try scorer – Judd Sheratt

Best recruiter – Jasmynelea Gates

The Roosters had WAYYY too much fun in this awesome photobooth at the awards dinner. Here are some of the PG rated pics.